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The traditional elaboration of our products combines with mastery the wheat, yeast and basic ingredients of first need, it could not be other way. Valentina Snacks comes from a family of centenarians Bakers and they apply perfectly the knowledge obtained during all this time.

Our founder, the great grandfather of Valentina, decided to include new ingredients to the bread like tomato, garlic, parsley, oregano, dried fruits… and convert them in what they are today, an excellent snack, healthy and delicious, ideal to satiate the appetite between meals and as perfect accompaniment with any meal.

Our location in the middle of the orchard of Valencia and our near contact with the producers of the ingredients we use, allows us to select the best harvests for our products.

“Our Bread Snacks today are not only delicious but can be eaten as a meal accompaniment, on their own or topped with a favourite indulgence.”

100% natural ingredients

“We source the ultimate in raw materials and ingredients to offer 100% natural products, replacing artificial ingredients with natural alternatives”



For Valentina snacks, food safety and the Quality of its products are of vital importance. Our production site was certified and is regularly monitored by independent and qualified certifying bodies. All our products are subject to scrupulous Quality checks at our production lines.



To offer the best product, we must use the best raw materials, for that we select the best suppliers and check every step of the supply chain. We have managed to eliminate the artificial ingredients in our products, using substitutes of vegetable origin. In our production process, we do not use artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, palm oils or hydrogenated fats.



To ensure we only produce products to the highest standard, our Bakers are committed to the traditional methods where they combine wheat, yeast and finest ingredients to produce connoisseur doughs. Our Suppliers are in close proximity to our factory ensuring maximum integrity.

QUALITY, innovation & service


Quality, Innovation and great Service are the hallmarks of Valentina Snacks. The raw materials used and the type of processing are based on the highest Quality standards. New products begin with the Research and Development department who are able to deliver all the customer needs and answer all the consumer requests.

Valentina Snacks commitment to Quality takes a variety of forms: (We select the best suppliers & we check every step of the supply Chain).



Consumers want to know the details of the food they are consuming. We believe this should be through concise and clear labels, using natural ingredients and showing ingredient names that are easily understood. For this reason, we are developing innovative products removing additives and promoting the use of only natural ingredients. Valentina snacks newest and most profound change is in the formulation of our basic recipes by substituting artificial additives with only those of natural origin. Thus we are meeting consumer demands and forwarding our mission for cleaner ingredient declarations.

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